We are three friends from Australia, who found ourselves transported to the UK in our late 30s and 40s. We were introduced by a mutual friend, another lover of stories over coffees, and quickly bonded over the cold, grey skies of London, being decked out in four layers of thermals in winter, and then, coffee, food and our similar international lifestyles.

Our blog, Stories and Coffees, was brewed in a small, warm and slightly squooshy cafe in SoHo. Whilst slowly enjoying our coffees (and most likely a pastry or cake!) we spoke about our passions: coffee, food, travel, fashion and we decided we wanted explore these further. We wanted to write about these, we wanted to capture these moments in colour and we wanted to find you out there to embrace your passions! We love exploring different nooks around London, discovering independent cafes, enjoying good food and coffee, finding the occasional quirky shop. And we just want to share with you, our stories over coffee! Take a seat, grab a cuppa, read our stories; we hope they will inspire you to explore the places we write about!


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